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Los Angeles, CA, USA Tech House Techno House Electronica / Downtempo +2

Musashi was born in the shadows of the underground parties of Rotunda Sound System. He was given this name by a random traveler (A Nazukeoya) who looked at him and told him his Japanese name was Musashi. As He did research on Musashi he discovered the book of the 5 rings. After reading the book he noticed the similarities of the art of strategy, with the art of music production. With that he accepted that name and made a vow to make the world dance to his rhythm. He is a dancer so he play for the dancers. If he like the drums, he buys the track, no matter what style it is. He loves House Music and has been in the scene for over 20 years but could never get into DJing. Then he met Toshi, Idai, Hiromat. They Changed his life forever. House music is even better outdoors and he will always be thankful to them for taking him out of the club environment and getting me back in-tune with nature.

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