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Split, Croatia Breaks Psy-Trance

Musical project ''Muhara'' (fly agaric) emerged by mid-2012. Fly agaric (Amaita muscaria) is a poisonous mushroom that grows in Europe, America and Africa. Its appearance is very interesting, so one can be easily misled by the beauty of this mushroom. It is hallucinogenic, yet it can be lethal. Poisonous compounds in fly agaric are muscimol, ibotenic acid and mucarine. Muscimol and ibotenic acid have hallucinogenic effect, whereas mucarine is responsible for salivating, sweating, flow of tears, nausea and vomitting. This music, just as fly agaric, may arouse some new feelings and open new vistas, though contrary to this mushroom, this music doesn't contain mucarine. Therefore, there is no fear of dying, but we cannot guarantee that some traits such as muscimol and ibotenic acid would arouse in your body. However, Muhara is trying to emerge as authentic as possible, psychodelic melodies combined with breakbeat.

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