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Dj Chachi

Bozeman, Mt, USA Breaks Electro House Techno Progressive House +9

Randy Leibenguth…aka Reverend Chachi… is a 33-year-old Montana native. In the late 90’s he began spinning hip-hop CD’s at his frat house at Montana State University in Bozeman. This is also where he got his nickname Chachi. Soon he attended his first rave at a warehouse in Seattle. This was his initial exposure to the electronic music scene, and he was instantly hooked. Returning to Montana, Chachi took the next step. He bought turntables and learned some basics from B-Nut, a member of Epagee, a Bozeman rage style band.

Today, Chachi mixes tech-house, electro-house and techno with sounds of disco, funk and salsa sprinkled in to keep the groove positive and energizing. His sets bring in pieces of tribal, drum’n’bass, hip-hop, electronic lounge, psychedelic house, groove beats, Jamaican dub, and classic rave hits. His sound hooks new fans at every show, and keeps seasoned veterans thirsty for more. Chachi prefers the experience of vinyl and primarily uses Serato, taking advantage of the masses of tracks available in a digital format, while keeping the feel more authentic. If you are lucky you can still catch him digging through crates and putting together a classic vinyl set from time to time.

Chachi has stayed true to his rave roots and absolutely loves rocking the underground scene. He blows minds at warehouses in NYC for Halloween and packs the dance floor at Nexus and rocks the art cars like Robot Heart and Charlie the Unicorn in Black Rock City (Burning Man). Chachi is a favorite on the decks in the growing outdoor Montana festival scene, with prime sets annually at Shine, Synergy Music Gathering, Love Your Mother Earth Festival and un-named gatherings in the woods around the region.

Current projects and events include a monthly club night at The Zebra Cocktail Lounge, seasonal theme parties, live weekly sets on and a weekly chill/lounge night at Plonk Wine. He has been spending time in the studio experimenting with sounds and loops. Some of these make it into his live sets allowing him to read crowd reactions and helping him to determine the direction of his studio time.

Playgound Productions got its start in December of 2002. After earning a degree in Economics Chachi was ready to put all of his time and dedication into bringing the scene to Montana. The first event, Niveous, packed The Warehouse with a sell-out crowd until 5a.m.. Over the years Chachi’s involvement in building the scene in Montana and his ability as a DJ have exploded. He is a prominent figure among a group of creative and motivated people, pioneering the scene into an underexposed area of the country – Montana State. Chachi is a leader, bringing the music and community to new people through his music, events, and street promotion efforts.

Over the past eight years Playground has thrown shows bringing DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Lil’ Mz. Booty, APX 1, DJ Naha, Deejay Diabolic, DJ Franklin, and Electric Sky Church to Montana. Chachi also had the opportunity to work alongside Michael Anthony, Yental Beats, Scumfrog, DVOne, Bassnectar, DJ Whatt, John H(Fort Nox Five), and The Freestylers. He has played with Bozeman jam band Steep and thrown down beats for MC’s including New York’s Poets Anonymous. He looked at each of these experiences as an opportunity to learn, and each has influenced his style of spinning.

Chachi has spun at bars, clubs, and outdoor venues in Bozeman, Big Sky, Missoula, Billings, Belgrade, New York, Portland, Nevada and Spokane. He has played unique events and venues including parks, slope side at ski resorts, snowboard rail slide competitions, multi day outdoor festivals, private parties, restaurants, Montana State football tailgates, and community arts events. In spring 2003 he was selected to attend a Red Bull Music and Dance Academy where he worked one on one with DVOne and Bassnectar building a solid foundation for scratching, and learning the basics of music production.

Playing for unexposed ears and such a wide range of events has pushed Chachi to be an extremely diverse DJ. He has an amazing ability to cross genres within one mix. Constantly pushing his own limits and updating his selection keep his sets fresh, and his audience eager for more.

Currently Playground Productions travels with a 20,000 watt sound system with masses of bass, multiple projectors, lazers and screens with various inputs to enhance the visual experience of partygoers, and industry standard DJ gear including turntables, mixer, CD players and effects processors.

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