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Italy Psy-Trance

Leo M. aka M R T DJ,was born in Treviso (Italy), he’s first encounter with electronic music was in 1993 in some clubs and afterhour parties. After a few years of mixing round clubs and a busy night life he decided to buy 2 turntables and obviously the first vinyls. At first he’s musical tastes where more keen on progressive and techno, then in 1998 after going to the Street Parade and Zoom Gathering in Zurich,he decided to pass to psy-trance and progress-trance. In 2002 he moved to Germany, where he stayed untill the year 2005, here he discovered the german psychedelic movement .He first dj's nick was @CiD_ZiT. In 2005 he collaborated with Radio Planet on "Supernova Show".In these years he has played in many parties around the nord-east of Italy, in the summer of 2006 he played at “Psychedelic Boat”(resident Dj), partys on boats on the river. Recently he has played in “Progression 1.0” an itinerant party. In the summer 2012 he was selected for the Line-Up of Kazantip Festival.From september 2012 untill february 2013 he collaborated with

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