Key Commands


Drum & Bass Dubstep

What musician in his right mind would name himself after two vegetables? Maybe the sort of artist who has not only decided to make them his chief source of nourishment but also subscribes to the metaphor of a tasty yet at times contrasting potpourri, a heady mix in which seriousness is often overpowered by a sense of humour verging on the absurd. Lateral and forward-thinking, always searching for new approaches, yet with a latent tendency to pedantry – this generates a degree of tension that invests experiences, situations, insights and feelings with a unique musical language which comes across as natural and authentic, occasionally mannered and elaborate but often highly direct and blunt.
Having gained a solid amount of theoretical and hands-on experience in music, Mr. Lettuce started producing his own tunes back in 2000 – some drum ’n’ bass creations influenced by electronic sounds and spiced up with a pinch of hip-hop. Since 2002 he has been serving his compositions as a DJ at the turntables, starting out as part of the sound kitchen MJM, which he co-founded but later abandoned. His musical journey continued with an array of projects: for instance, DJ G-I-S chopped Mr. Lettuce’s tune “The Lost Paradise”, freshly seasoned and released it on his own label Intransigent Recordings. Moreover, Mr. Lettuce is constantly exporting fresh and crispy beats to Corinthian Recordings from Atlanta, Georgia, who offer them for sale as digital downloads on several global market places. As testament to his skills, Mr. Lettuce was warmly welcomed to dish up his breaks and basslines on numerous first-class occasions, such as Europe’s biggest Black Music Festival “Splash!” as well as in the Baltic metropolis of Riga (Latvia).

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