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Morth Project

Tech House Trance House Electronica / Downtempo

Morth Project is an Electronic Dance Music Producer from Oaxaca, Mexico. From the age of 12 he began to enroll in EDM and show your passion for djing. Subsequently he decided to show even more passion for music and decided to create their own songs, a producer since 2007 and during the whole time he experienced sub​​-genres of EDM as House and Trance. He gained great support from several international labels with their remixes and productions, ranging from warm progressive trance, reaching to dramatic atmospheres as the uplifting combined with a powerful tech-trance. Up until today has a very defined style and, merging melancholic pianos with energetic Sintes, and vocals inclusion that are mixed solidly at his tracks.

His latest work is a remix he did for a forthcoming song to be released by the Egyptian label "Nile Tunes", which perfectly combines, tech sounds, melodies and vocals. He is currently working on several songs with a Scottish vocalist (Elle Mariachi) who join forces with him at the single "Changes/Hypnotic Serenity" (Dirt, Lies & Audio Recordings), soon to be distributed in the most importants online music stores.

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