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Monsieur M.

Athens, Greece Hip-Hop / R&B Indie Dance / Nu Disco Deep House +3

Meet Monsieur M.

Hard to find words to describe this guy! They who know him well, will tell you about a big smile, truth in his eyes and a a guy who really enjoys what he does and shares positive vibes around… THAT’S Monsieur M.!

Weird blend of cultures, images and sounds since he came to this world from an Italian mother, a Hellenic rooted father, born in Istanbul but raised in Athens!
Weird blend of music genres, as well, influenced him since his was a kid.

Its also hard to describe his style as a dj.
Monsieur M. considers himself as a freestyler though he has buit his career in music since 2001 spinning Hip – Hop & RnB and later by spinning Electronic Music on his turning point on 2009.
Just consider a guy with a backround (12 years as a listener & 8 years as a dj) in Hip – Hop & RnB, pure love & knowledge of urban sounds and its roots (Soul, Funk, Disco, etc.) who was also a “devoted” MTV kid (back in the 90s) and you will have a clear image about what a Monsieur M. sound might like!
Monsieur M.’s taste in music gained numerous gigs in Hellas and, in times, broke the borders of its country (Istanbul, Brazil, etc.) and each time he had delivered something fresh.
At the dusk of the year 2012, his taste gained the attention of top producers, label owners and freestyle djs – as well – SOUL CLAP, he was announced as one of “...that new DJ that no one has heard of yet, but has that special something that makes us NEED to include them in our podcast series...” and his dj set “SOUL SURVIVOR pt.01” got uploaded and shared by SOUL CLAPs blog page.

Plurality is the word that represents his music and his life also, since he is sharing his time between organizing conceptual parties, making edits on tracks he loves from the past, creating mixed sets with different genres, graphic designing and whatever an artistic mind can think and create!

If you want to have an idea about his future plans or music you simply CANT!
Monsieur M. tries hard to do new things, surprise people and work on new ideas and projects…

Sit back and enjoy!


- 2001 – Monsieur M. starts djing and he becomes a part of the very first team throwing Hip – Hop & RnB parties in Athens’s clubs called MAD G.Q.

- 2006 – Appearance on “The Athens Tunning Show” (the biggest show of racing and drift cars in Greece)

- 2008 – Monsieur M. quits spinning Hip – Hop & RnB and starts throwing conceptual parties, spinning Soul, Funk, Disco and a few Disco House accompanied by musicians (trumpet & sax player)

- 2011 – Monsieur M. shares decks with Russian dj duo and releases his very first deep house track called “Appletini” from

- 2011 / 2012 – Monsieur M. meets dj / producer and together they form MODERNISM (, a production & edits duo and they throw the most anticipated conceptual party in Athens

- 2012 – Monsieur M. gains the attention of top djs & producers SOUL CLAP ( and he wins a place at their podcast page with his “SOUL SURVIVOR pt.01” set

- 2012 / 2013 – Monsieur M.’s taste wins a residency at TIKAL PRAIA BAR, a whole new beach bar located in Algodoes beach in Bahia, Brazil

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