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Monika MHz

Portland, OR, USA Indie Dance / Nu Disco Electro House Progressive House +1

Technical proficiency and trickery to be rivaled only by a mad scientist, Monika MHz uses the full arsenal features and glitches of whatever equipment she's up against with unmatched creative and technical expertise to build something fresh and fun. Well regarded as "one of the most technically knowledgeable DJs this side of the continent," she plays only the best house. That counts for exclusive, original tracks, and remixes -- from Miss Palmer to Tegan & Sara -- that have been blowing up dance floors around the world.

An accomplished producer and remixer, her crafts bleed into each other blurring the line between DJ set and live PA. From the impending release of her new single to the slew of new remixes to hit the Serato queues everywhere Monika shows no signs of slowing down.

With a high energy performance that would make a 5 year-old on a sugar rush look shy, this loud redheaded Latina brings a show that shakes dance floors to their knees. And she has no intention of stopping anytime soon

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