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Mister Zero

Chill Out DJ Tools Reggae / Dancehall / Dub Breaks +11

Play from the Heart.

Mister Zero is a DJ/producer from New Jersey. Their first forays into DJ culture were the mixtapes and remixes that they started making on cassette while they were in there teens. Zero experimented with cutting and rearranging music at the same time that they began to discover the culture of dance music. Zero moved to Massachusetts in 1998 where they ran a series of seasonal and weekly parties over the past twelve years with their DJ partner, Steamy Brown and various other guest performers. After a stint in Boston studying audio engineering and production, they find themself back playing seasonal parties that focus on the community spirit on the dance floor. Zero's parties attract diverse crowds that include performance artists, live drummers, flaggers, as well as serious musicians and old-school house heads.

Moving back to New Jersey in 2010, they continue to play special events and summer parties in Massachusetts, Zero has held a weekly residency in Asbury Park, NJ with their cohort Andrew Top-Hat, and broadcasts mixes that explore both newly released music and their quest for beautiful, classic grooves.

“DJing is more than playing great records for people or creating a fun party, it is about creating community that reflects our culture. We need to hear it, dance to it, and in times of joy or crisis we turn to music to lift us up. I play with reverence for the music, but also reverence for those who come to listen and dance.”

Mister Zero mixes music for listeners in and out of the clubs, and is using the platform to explore the history of the music and its pioneers. Zero is grateful to those who have so graciously created the foundation and keep the music alive for the next generation — David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Danny Krivit, Francois K, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell and Susan Morabito.

"I can tell you one thing, I don't hear many DJs that will drop a soulful track and then mix in techno. Honestly, I think that is what sets me apart. I have an appreciation for lots of music, I don't just like to stick to one genre. It's all about the journey."

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