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Mistere Phobose

Techno Minimal Tech House House

Imagine, how a Jeff Mills' DJ setup would look like 20 years ago if he had access to today's technologies? Well, one may guess that Mistere Phobose knows the answer.

Mistere Phobose (Konstantin Arefev) represents a new breed of DJs, who abandon dying music formats and mixing standards, choosing innovation and technology instead. Heavily inspired by Richie Hawtin, Mistere Phobose uses hi-tech gear and software to create a hypnotizing live performance, mixing atmospheric, minor techno sounds with a more dancefloor-oriented (but just as minor) tech house and discotech.

Born in the most western Russian city, used to be known as German Königsberg and located in just few hours of ride from Central Europe, Konstantin raised with a strong influence of European culture. It affected everything, from music to how he looks and perceives life.

After spending all his pocket money in music stores and enjoying the incipient electronic music scene in the childhood, then raving and exploring techno nights in the teenage years, Mistere Phobose eventually found himself mixing Minimal Techno and House tunes at his first gigs at Vagonka, the same club that once opened to him the exciting world of dance music.

In 2009 Konstantin launched his own community, called MiniMusic, which united creative people and artists passionate about all things minimal - be they musicians, DJs, photographers, or VJs. MiniMusic was behind some of the most unusual and refreshing exhibitions and club events with world-known guest DJs and producers.

Although he kept playing on vinyl for quite few years, in 2010 Mistere Phobose discovered a whole new world of self-exposure after learning Native Instruments' Traktor Scratch Pro. The painstaking process of mastering the new tool to excellence has never stopped since then, but the boring traditional DJing was throwed out.

His current setup primarily consists of a Mac with Traktor Pro 2 (4 decks, looping, Efx and much more), controlled by two Kontrol X1. These tools, alongside Maschine (used for live improvisation), Ableton Live! (effects) and few secret know-how tricks, allow Mistere Phobose to have a total creative freedom and control over the sound during his live performances.

There are not too many DJs who can brag about using this type of DJing technique nowadays, but Mistere Phobose is on his way to creating a 100% unique performance.

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