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Michael Deep

Zurich, Switzerland Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House Tech House Techno

Michael Deep

Michael Läuppi alias Michael Deep began his DJ career in the early ’90s when Switzerland’s nightlife was more or less an experimental field for freaks rather than an established branch of the economy.
Parties were embossed by wild style-mixtures without any particular musical conception. Michael Deep´s development and search for the perfect sound-match has taken X time. Finally, in 2002, he decided to build up his career on house and techno.

His great talent and his formidable network brought him to the decks of well known Swiss venues like Nordstern (Basel), Club Q, Oxa and Kaufleuten all 3 in Zurich).
But also internationally renowned party labels like “We Love… Space” and “In Bed With Space” got Michael Deep to play for them. Germany, Belgium, Miami (WMC 2012 with sets at venues like The Wall, Eve and Euforia), Brasil, France, Italy and Spain are the places in which he has already played .

In the year 2005, after years of experience as a DJ and developing his technical skills, he began to produce his own tracks in long studio sessions. A further 4 years passed by, until his results reached a level to satisfy him(, who is not easily satisfied) able to send his first productions to well-known labels:
In November 2009 “Rolling” was released by the German SUN SUN-Record Label. In October 2010 Michael Deep released his tracks “Chupa” and “Ente Szechuan”. On Go Deeva (Italy) and immediately he gained many colleagues’ attention and respect. Simone Vitullo’s Godeeva Rec. (Italy), Alexander Fog’s Darkstar Rec. (Italy), Nvidia Sound Factory (Spain), TMR (Italy), Sabb’s SK-Supreme Rec., George Morel’s Groove on Rec. (USA) and the
well-known System Rec. (USA) are other labels, which have released Michael Deep masterpieces.

Some of his releases have even made it to Beatport’s “top 100 Tech House charts”.
In August 2009 he became managing partner and A&R (together with Markus Hammer alias Miguel Katas) at SUN SUN, a record label that has released a lot of Michael Deep’s finest productions.

Today Michael Deep is very experienced, not only as a DJ and a producer but also as a live-act because he uses his own collection of productions for his live-sets.

Continual improvement, an open ear for musical trends, an aversion to style-borders and a continual and passionate effort have always been and still are Michael Deep’s trademarks. These are the reasons why his productions & his sets are as fresh and innovative as ever.

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