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Lima, Peru House Tech House Deep House Progressive House +4

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Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Michael.C has been captivated by electronic dance music ever since he skipped his University orientation to attend his first rave back in '95. "It was a party known as "The Church" and he would forever remember it as one the best experiences of his life. It was such an eye opening experience to see so many different groups of people, all from varying social backgrounds, converge onto one unsuspecting West Side Cleveland neighborhood. The music captivated everyone, and for one night, neither Race, social group nor age mattered."

With early influences coming via house-centric cities such as Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York and Toronto, Michael.C surrounded himself with everything that was house music. Influential DJs were many and in '00, Michael.C stepped onto the other side of the decks.

With residencies at the legendary "Blue" in Miami to a current ongoing monthly appearance at Kika's "Hype" party in Buenos Aires, Michael.C is constantly exposing his unique fusion of house and progressive music to discerning ears all around the world.

Currently residing between South Beach, Florida and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Michael.C has performed at many varying venues ranging from high-end restaurants and lounges to dance clubs and after-hours. Through the fortune of living in areas with unique and strong dance communities as well as continuously scouring for new music, Michael.C is building an ever-increasing library of music that spans over the many genres of electronic dance music. From early evening to peak hour and onto after-hours, his sets often transcend the many moods of music that take a listener on a journey through time and sound.

When not working on the his radio show "In Session with Product One Music," now in it's fourth consecutive year, and running his graphic design business, Michael.C splits his time performing live and sitting in the studio teaching himself all the nuances of music production. Keep an eye open and an ear to floor as this coming year is sure to contain a lot of exciting events involving collaborations with other like-minded musicians from all over the world.

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