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From Rock to Electronic Dance Music

From the island of Aruba comes a new breed of musician, one who has learned the trade first handed in the epicenter of electronic dance music, as we know it to be today, Europe. At the age of 19 Mesquitas moved to Eindhoven, The Netherlands where he met up with a childhood friend who introduced him to a wonderful new world. Mesquitas’ first encounter with electronic dance music later would prove to be the biggest life-changing event in his young music driven life.

Within a few months he sold his guitars to buy turntables, and pursuing a career in DJ-ing proved to be the inevitable. Since that beautiful day Mesquitas’ development has progressed exponentially. Having performed in respected clubs, and festivals alike, his achievements so far are only the building blocks for the sights he has set his goals on. Gaining needed experience while rocking out packed clubs, festivals and illegal raves all across Europe sharing the stage with the worlds’ most elite performers. Mesquitas has proven to be able to adapt to his musical environment very well.

Late 2007 Mesquitas first stepped into the studio to experiment with production programs like Reason, Ableton Live and Logic Pro. The love affair was mutual, and he quickly had signed his first release on German imprint Fassade Records. Breaking Barricades EP did exactly as the title indicated it to do. This excelled his young career to the extremes others can only dream of in a very short time. His skill and perfection in the studio quickly got Mesquitas noticed by several different music labels from across the globe.

Mesquitas has proven still to be the humble young man he was while living on Aruba and in 2012 decided it was time to give back some of the love he had received from all of his fans. Besides now being a teacher in electronic music production Mesquitas also started a mixing and mastering studio called Mama Couch Studios in Amsterdam. Here he has been active as a sound engineer finishing works from other great producers and performers making their masterpieces CD or Vinyl ready. This just goes to show that as a young musician who is destined to succeed. Mesquitas is making his presence known in all aspects of the industry he has grown to love, and has dedicated his live to.

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