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Katowice, Poland Techno Minimal / Deep Tech Hardcore / Hard Techno +2

Menduss, DJ/Producer came from Poland, living in Katowice. From an early years he has been fascinated about music, sounds, which were waking up his mind and body... In fact, all youth he spent in clubs, just as usual clubber. When accidentally in 2004 he met his new friend in programming school, who has infected him from week to week with electronic music, from electro, minimal to techno. He stayed with techno till today. Still, when he's searching all mixes from different DJ's, he always was disappointed about them. In 2005, he has started amateurishly take a part in mixing and producing his own sets. Always hungry for new tones, and interesting beats. In 2008 he invented his own podcast named "InSlowDown Sessions", at the same time he bet for deep techno, which has inspired him for next sets and productions. In 2011 he had a debut in Katowice's club INQubator, he was playing inter alia with : Siasia, Nexy, Cream or Tom De Mach. At the end of 2012 he has issued his first official EP "Schizophrenia" and in 2013 next EP "Nemesis" (Anecdote Records - U.K) on beatport, whereby his productions are still speeding. In 2012, ending with "InSlowDown Sessions" podcast, he invented next podcast named "Neverending Nights", in which we can hear most of best DJ's and Producers from Poland or behind the border. His guest mixes, sets, podcasts and auditions in borderland radios (f.e. Polskie Radio Amsterdam) were appreciated by listeners and DJ's around the world. He's a DJ who bets everyting in changing tempo, high tones, sick sounds, sometimes raw too, and for hard beats.
Info: - "Inspirated By SounD's" Menduss Presents "InSlowDown Session's" Podcast : (2008 - 2012) "Neverending Nights" Podcast By Menduss

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