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Winnipeg, MB, Canada Reggae / Dancehall / Dub Dubstep Breaks Drum & Bass

"Canadian dubstep new kid on the block..."
-Life Support Machine (UK Bass Music Blog)

M.E.L.T began his electronic music career in 2006 when he purchased a set of turntables along with his first records. With 10 years of musical background it wasn’t long before he was DJing at local events playing alongside and opening up for world class talent, but that was not enough.

Instead of being satisfied as a DJ, his hunger to make people dance only grew stronger and in the summer of 2011 he put together a home studio and launched his career as a music producer. Spending weeks at a time locked inside away from society he studied synthesis, musical theory, composition, and mixing/engineering (just to name a few) striving to make unique sounds and develop a his own style.

In January of 2012 he signed on to Truespin Records who released his first single Without You (feat. Saratonin on vocals) in April of 2012. In addition to that he has a remix forthcoming on Monkey Dub Recordings in May of 2012 and a stack of free music up for grabs via soundcloud.

M.E.L.T has been described as a ruthless party rocker that just won’t quit until the crowd is dripping with sweat and collapsing from exhaustion. Catch him in a city near you where he’s guaranteed to make you jump, mosh, dance and all out lose control to twisted modulated waveforms, and broken beats of all tempos.

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