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Albuquerque, NM, USA Drum & Bass Dubstep Electro House +2

Medak was born Codie Joseph Alsop in Sandy Utah on Sept 14th 1982, Shortly after his birth his mother moved him to west Ga almost 2000 miles from his birth place for a fresh new start with a new beginning. His mother soon married his Step Father Dale E. Ballew the man who would become his father and raise him. He had a younger brother named Cory and a Younger sister named Laneicia. In the 6th month of Laneicia's life she cought meningitus and became handycap with Cereberal Polsey to a degree that affected the enrire family from that moment on.

Codie Grad High School in 2000 in the small town of Tallapoosa GA with a class of 68 students. The youngest person in his class he strived to always do more, Football, Band, The Pit, and of course all the extra music and art he could get. He started playing the Acoustic and Electric Guitar at the age of 11 and by the time he got to highschool he was a wiz and writing music.
Desperate to leave the small town and attend a University, Codie Sold all of his musical equipment and joined th United States Army in Jan of 2001. Jan 2nd he shipped out to Ft. Benning Ga to attend Basic Training and Airborne School. After Grad basic Training on 4.20 2001 he went home on leave and returned to Airborne school. Upon Compleation of Airbore School he was assigned to his unit 2/504 P.I.R in the 82nd Airborne Div Ft. Bragg NC. This was also the place he enrolled in school just north of Fayetteville NC at the University Of North Carolina. Summer or 2001 Codie Signed up for Pre-Ranger Camp and Ranger School and Grad just before 9-11. Once the attacks on NY were comprehended Rangers lead the way to Afganistan for 2 (18month) Tours. All the while still Mixing records and playing the guitar. Entertaining his fellow soldiers in and out of Combat situations. Eventually enough became enough and Codie ETS out of the Army once his time came. Codie got his start in the EDM scene as DJ MEdic at The Globe Theater in Atlanta GA, Jaguare in Downtown Atlanta, and Club Metro in Fayetteville NC.

After many live preformances and extreme networking he finally made a name for him self and begun to play at shows like Planet of the drums, and Awakening. Not making anything more than a local push as an artist this went on till he got the news of being a father in 2006 and on November 9th 2006 he became the father of Landon Alex Alsop. Sadly after only 6 months his son was pernounced dead on May 20th 2007. In June of 2007 he left on Tour with his manager M. Bain and his child Hood friend Keven aka Aticus. They toured from South Carolina down the east Coast to FL, and Across the south east to Texas. Over 30 events on a C-D production scale was exactly what Medic Needed to Clear his head after the trauma of his son's passing. Shortly after the tour ended Codie made the decision to head West to Albuquerque NM where he had Family and a fresh start waiting.
Onced based in NM Medic Changed his stage name to Medical Attention and starting working his way into playing the nation wide known Desert events. In the Summer of 2008 NM's biggest Club was raided by the Rave Task Force and was shut down permanently. Several small groups took it upon themselves to keep the scene alive and Codie was one of them. He opened a branch of the company he was already with called Perverse Vibrationz and began to team up and throw events in the desert also. By 2011 he held one of the top 3 Event Production Companies in the State of NM.

On March 12, 2010 his new daughter Audrianna Kaydance Alsop was born. Codie and Jessica Chavez had a new Life in the world. In the Summer of 2011 Codie was also diognosed with a small form of Cancer and started Stage 1 Radiation Treatment. In May he moved home to GA to be with his family and get healthy. While there he Threw events in the Outdoors just like he would have done in NM for a new flavor for the south East US. In December of 2011 he moved back to Albuquerque with a whole new mindset, Company Profile, and Attitude. Xodus Booking And Entertainment was the New Company (One of 3 branches Nation Wide that he ownes) and Medak is the new Name that he gives the public for himself.
In Jan of 2012 Medak branched out after all these years and starting Producing his own Original and remixed tracks. By the Summer he would be one of the top 10 Producers in HIs region and have one of the most respected Booking agencies, and event Production Companies in the State of NM.

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