Key Commands

Mc Shot

Dubstep Drum & Bass

Mc Shot has always been known as one of the most Italian eclectic mcs to grace the mic. He started his career in 2001, when he joined the H.D.K. clan, performing at many dancehalls gigs with sound-systems such as Trinacria gio family, TDA foundation and Blackheart. His next venture was to set up Fuckingiuda crew, along with TPS posse, performing at many jams and live-shows some of which Lou X, Assalti Frontali e Colle der Fomento. With his distinctive ragga-hardcore style, he joined the Tu Shung Peng collective for some years, performing with sound-systems some of which Supersonic, Sentinel and Pow Pow movement, as well as with legendary Junglist mcs such as Top Cat and General Levy. Progressively, he moved his focus towards drum'n'bass music, particularly in the Techstep & Neurofunk style, performing at many clubs across Italy such as Dress code, Altromondo studios, Rolling Stone, Metarock, Big Bang, Area Gens, Villaggio Globale, Auditorium Flog. He actively collaborated with Dr. Fitz & Megatron, Nu Combo, Svisionote and Beat Kouple. He often shared the stage with Italian producers some of which Aeph, Dabs, Itzokor, Noxius, Arp Xp, Hlz, and hosted dj sets with Prolix, Dub Fx, Aphrodite e Serial Killaz. In 2009 he became the mc of Subculture Music, along with Ka:lu and the producer Maztek. In recent years he hosted many dj sets for the likes of N. Phect, Future Signal, Nymfo, Fierce, Optiv, Billain e Vicious Circle, to name a few. He hosted as radio-speaker with Dziga 'BASSLINE TUNNEL', a dubstep and drum’n’bass broadcast on a webradio (RadioEco), and he worked as a press agent at Italia Wave Love Festival. In September 2010 he released the tune 'Neuralnet' in collaboration with Maztek, distributed by German label 'Trust In Music', and in 2011 he signed with Semantics the track ‘Deadhead’, for their EP ‘Horror Show’, forthcoming on Subculture recordings.

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