Key Commands

Max Carnage

Electro House Progressive House Tech House +1

Max Carnage - Russian electronic musician. Dislocation - Tyumen region, Tyumen. It works in the styles of Electro House, electro progressive, Electronica. Since childhood, had a weakness for music. The first beginnings - in 2002, but began writing professionally in 2009. At the end of 2010 released their first album - "Euphoria lover". Max Carnage - one of the few musicians who have remained faithful to their old style - really melodic and Electro house. Favorite quote: "all brilliant - just everything simple - brilliantly"! In 2011 he created the EP Clan (Electronic Producer's Clan) - Community and semi-professional musicians who work in the style of Electro house, Electro progressive, Progressive house, and some other styles.

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