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Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Electro House Progressive House House +2

I'm Maurizio Alessio, a bolivian based Producer/Musician. I have been passionated about music since the age of 12 when I began taking Guitar lessons and after 5 years I formed a Pop/Rock band named “DeLarge” where I play as the lead guitarist.
At the age of 16 I found out about 'Fruity Loops' and my producing/composing work began. After finishing school I started a degree in 'Sound Engineering' In Santiago de Chile, Chile where i’m partially living.
Today I am using Logic Pro 9 to create music in all styles and also work as a 'Sound Engineer' and “Producer” in my own Home Studio making some projects from my own and others. My passion for Melodic, Bass, and electro sounds has driven me in the Dance/Electronic, House, Electro, Dutch House, Dubstep and Pop scene. You won't be dissappointed of my music, so I invite you to listen to my music.

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