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Matteo Marini

Electro House Progressive House Tech House +2

MATTEO MARINI The Young musician of undoubted talent Matteo Marini
began his artistic career in the late
90 working with some labels such as Airplane, Green
Park, Bliss Co, Warner. But it is definitely the meeting and
collaboration with Stefano Noferini that marked a
turning point in her career. At the end of 2008
the song "Twin Peaks" was out out by Deepefect Records (a label belonging to
Sound4Group) and immediately
received acclamation by critics and
public, arriving in
top ten of the Progressive House charts on Beatport.
From this point on, Matteo had numerous hits in the main
Beatport charts ... In May Noferini and Marini’s first single comes out under Deeperfect
the feedback from top DJs
International is nothing short of incredible and it is
used by big names like
DJ Carl Cox and Tiesto who used it several times on the playlist on his international radio show "Club Life" and of course the song gets to No. 1
in the Beatport House charts. Other important
labels such as CR2 are aware of the talent of Matteo and
in July of 2009 his single: Gitana is published by this prestigious
English label." There are also numerous
remixes by Matthew like "La La Land" Menini &
Viani published on Ministry Of Sound (Germany) Chanting
in the Sunset on Whist Records Moviment 2 published
Fat Belly label owned by Ricky Stone.
At the same time he was working on solo projects such as Mercury,
I Miss You. Matteo continued to work
with Stefano Noferini and in 'in October of 2009 "Push N Pull" is
published which boasts the prestigious
collaboration of a new generation of house music divas , Sylvia Tosun. Success was immediate,
and very few DJs haven’t played one of
many versions that are part of the project at least once, but the
greatest satisfaction is certainly the achievement,
in January of 2010, of a number one hit on the Hot Dance
Billboard Club Charts, which comes after an incredible

A new version of LOVIN YOU
sung by Alexandra is up next .. This is well received by
big name DJs and radio stations from around the world. Matteo
continues to work on his profile through new
projects such as NEXT DAY, SKY and COSMIC PLACE is published by
by Black Hole Recording. "WITH U" with
"Biosphere" (collaboration with Noferini) make their way into the
Unstoppable, he puts out MONTECARLO, NIGHT LIFE (with
Noferini) and TOKYO while creating for REC BAZOOKA "LaSelva
RMX "and the KING STREET," Jamica RMX ".

Meanwhile, I MISS U is sung by Sylvia Tosun for his
new EP produced by TOM LORD - ALGE.

With Loaded Rec Commission to DUO, the remix of Annie:
Greatest Hits and he conquers the international charts.
Matteo tries again with a cover of I Will FIND You
reinterpreted by Alexandra, the track climbs to the top
Beatport Progressive Chart.
He cracks up a Spencer & Hill remix: LOST IN SPACE and CHASIN
IN THE SUN by Matt Darey.

Matthew is supported by the most 'well known DJs around the world and
FUTURE LOOPS considers using his work for SOUND
LOOPS for Young producers ..
A great achievement for his profile.

DREAM come out flowed by TEXAS, STUNTMAN, SIX

Majestic synth arpeggios, dreamy melodies, vibrant effects
and powerful rhythms are the ingredients which are
an essential part of the sound produced by the young talent that
continues to amaze us with each new song.

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