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Matte Black

Matte Black, he's not a pornstar, but he's got a name like one. Hailing from western Canada, this Vancouver based DJ and Producer is sure to rock your boat. Literally. DJing boat cruises, clubs, and private parties Matte brings a fresh sound to the over saturated and unexposed Vancouver music scene. He's a kaleidoscope of vibrant patterns in a scene filled with neutral grey triangles. Imagine if you will, the love child of 90's rap and NES games, the prodigal son of dirty electro, the heir apparent of funk, and the harbinger of a golden era of dance music. All of these you will find Matte to be. He will make you dance, even if you're a quadriplegic. This man understands how music was meant to be played and to be made. He will ensnare you with his beats as a spider would a fly. Matte will wrap you in his dance driven and funk infused web, and you will love it. Guaranteed.

When Matte Black began his musical endeavor it was with the guitar, yet the bass soon became his instrument of choice, and he took to it as surely as a frat boy would a wasted girl wearing a short skirt and a low cut top separated from her fat friend whose job it is to take care of her. Yet it should be clear to any person reading this that Matte's story did not end there. He moved from his Bootsy Collins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tool roots to world filled with Daft Punk, Justice, Breakbot, and MSTRKRFT. It was not due to a disdain for his musical beginnings, but rather a broadening of his horizons to a genre that appealed more to his creative nature and imaginings. I for one am glad that this transition took place. And you soon will be as well. It is said, among the few whom have been deemed privileged enough to be gifted with this knowledge that Matte Black has a forthcoming EP titled "8-bit Gambler". Trust me when I say his music will change the way you perceive music production and what a DJ should do, for this is a man who will be around longer than herpes.
~Bio written by~
-Volodicus (Kyle Pearson)

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