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Matias Prieto

Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile Electronica Deep House House Techno

Original and Multifaceted DJ/Producer dedicated to Electronic Music, Matias began his musical career at the first Earthdance Festival 2004. Since then Matias has been present in the national and international scene, always researching new styles that led him to develop his most important projects today: Psydeva, 3 Access & You and Matias Prieto. Through these he has reached many people around the world.
Throughout his career Matias has worked with the largest producers in Chile, such as The Loft, Street Machine, Lotus, Faure, Sinnergy and Wetfly. This has allowed him to play at various clubs and venues across the country including Suka Club, La Feria, Blondie, Amanda Cultural Center, Club Eve, Muelle Barón ,Huemul Theater, Teatro Mori, Museo de Artes Contemporaneas (MAC – Modern Art Museum) and the SCD Room. He has also played at unique terraces of the Hotel W, Casino Enjoy and Hotel Noi.
He has played at events ranging from the most mainstream to the most experimental such as Sideshow Lollapalooza, Pulparty, the Armani Exchange Parade, Follakzoid “12” vinyl release, Pinchadisco Radio Zero, the Club Room,Sebo K Dot Club, Rodriguez Jr Club Eve, Mysteryland, Carolina Herrera Fashion Show, and many more.

Inside their participations include the set he played for ART DEPARTMENT managing to enter the TOP 100 BEATPORT MIX Dj. Similarly the set that was programmed into FM RADIO ZERO managed the place "32" in that competition. Won second place for PACIFIC INDIE REMIX CONTEST and share releases with Utch Records various artist release, Utch v/a 005 and Sonido Likido Ep Vol 1.

Matias’s overall sound is very elegant and displays shades ranging from Electronica, Deep & Progressive, and can even pass for Indie, Tech House, Techno and Minimal.
Also run his weakly own radio program Royal Night and dedicates part of his time as a hobby to playing at major sporting events hosted by well-known brands such as Quiksilver, the North Face, Spy, Helly Hansen, Billabong, Monster, Red Bull among others.

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