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Tampa, FL, USA Trance Electro House Techno Progressive House +5

Etcetera Technologies/Audiopilots/Proper Productions
Jackson's Resident for PMNOCTEM "Together As One Saturday's"
Tampa, FL. -

Underground dance music specialist MathematiX has been involved in the scene since 1992. DJing, Emceeing, Promoting, and Music Production are all very familiar to him. Recently, Math has been on a regular schedule of opening slots for heavy hitters at his resident club Jackson's in Tampa, as he takes pride in getting the decks warmed up proper, as well as the crowd, for artists such as Wally Lopez and Carl Kennedy. He has also enjoyed the closing set after Amsterdam's Paul Sparkes, and has played prime slots at both SummerSound Music Festival's. His new release "DEVIL SOUND" with Discosynthetique recently dropped on Technocolor Sound Recordings, and he is also very involved in studio work with several other upcoming releases. The new release has garnered attention from PromoOnly, and remixers of The Devil Sound track include: Johnny Dangerously, Megatron, Ghetto Rocker, and Zera, as well as a Techno remix by Rainbow Bridge and himself.. Devil Sound release is now available: as of July 9th 2012. During his tours over the years, MathematiX has made stops in Orlando, Miami, Denver, Chicago, Washington D.C., Colorado Springs, Tempe AZ, New Orleans, San Francisco, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Mexico, Toronto, Boston, and many more. Math has played many headline slots and co-headline slots and was graced with the opportunity to play along side Christopher Lawrence, ATB, Craze, Dara, John Digweed, Monk, Sasha, Icey, Keoki, Uberzone, Rennie Pilgrem, Crystal Method, Adam X, Skylab 2000, Charles Feelgood, Sandra Collins, Kimball Collins, Scott Henry, Andy Hughes, Noel Sanger, and the list goes on and on. During the late 90’s to the early millennium, when in Colorado, he founded his own production company named Proper Productions, and coordinated world class dance music events with top-notch talent. Over the years Math has experimented with a full spectrum of genres and became a well known DJ in the house/trance scene for his progressive styles, as well as the broken beat scene with his dark progressive breakbeats and evil/grimy drum and bass. Hard work, and some well respected entities he has built solid relationships with, has allowed Math to stay well implanted in the underground dance music scene over the years. You may be familiar with him as a DJ or possibly an MC, as it is very important to mention his many years as an experienced MC and/or vocalist, as he has rocked the mic along side many top-notch DJs. Notable is his partnership with James West and affiliation with The Audiopilots, that paved the way for the birth of the LIVE PA act known as EQUATION, in which he embarked on with eventual and current production partner, and fellow Audiopilot Rainbow Bridge. With tons of underground white label tracks released, his ventures as a promoter coordinating events, and the many locations he has traveled to Djing, MathematiX has cemented himself as a viable player in the dance music industry. From rocking major festivals, mega clubs, and underground raves, MathematiX has maintained an active career as an artist. Always staying involved in all facets of dance music, and embracing all of his favorites and implementing multi genres into his passion for music. His influences of rock, hip-hop, industrial, and experimental can be heard in his original productions, or you may see him billed on an event line-up to play either House, D&B, Breaks, Techno, etc.etc….Currently Math is known for his new founded label Etcetera Technologies. Still working as hard as ever, Tampa peeps may be familiar with MathematiX from his residency at Jackson’s on “The Terrace", or his Summer Disco events he has coordinated at Malio's in downtown Tampa. Always keeping it real, the master of dark styles and “your friendly neighborhood mathematician” is a viable asset to any line-up. With an undeniable stage presence and knowledge of his craft, Math is sure to rock the party, whether it be on the decks or the microphone!

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