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Romania Deep House Minimal / Deep Tech Techno Tech House

The veteran rookie to appear in big festivals such as Rising Sun Rock Festival and Nagisa Music Festival before debut!
12, Debut than techno label PLUS RECORDS representing Japan.
14 A place of activity I transferred to the European market. Spain, Italy, release from the label, such as Poland.
SUGIURUMN "presided over the" BASS WORKS RECORDINGS "released
He Starting his career as a HipHop DJ at 16yrs old, he has changed his interest into electronic music, inspired by Rave music
includes LOVE PARADE(Germany) and BOOM festival(Portugal).Then he became to play at big night clubs and festivals around
Japan and developed his field into the world with the legends like Takkyu Ishino.
His first release was from a well-known Japanese Techno Labe“l, Plus Records”. Then he moved his base to Romania and
started playing in Europe while he released his works from European labels includes“ Sub Woofer Rec(Italia)” “, MONA Rec
(Spain)”, and“ Sound Waves(Portugal)”.
He shows his talent in different fields as a Hair-makeup artist. (Won 3rd in the world)
He also got involved in producing sound equipment like ”Dope Real” and ”Kannon sound”. His party,” ABFACT ” welcomed Big
name includes Darren Emerson, SYSTEM 7,and autokratz, introducing crossover next electromusic.
His set is always outstanding with the latest gadget, receiving high reputaions.

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