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Mark Steven

Canton of St Gallen, Switzerland Techno House Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House

32 Year Old Swiss DJ Mark Steven took a liking to House music in the year 2000. The rhythmic and lively beats of Tech-House/Techno took a hold on Mark. He began to mix in the basement of his home, which led to a few DJ gigs in the rocking clubs of eastern Switzerland.

Mark knows what you want to hear. Mark Steven saw the light of day in 1980, soon after he started keyboard lessons. The rhythmic sounds penetrated the bone and left traces until the year 2001. Equipped with turntables and records, he began in the basement of the family home, located to the music. He quickly realized, how two songs composed and experimented with can mix. Shortly thereafter he met Dj Oliviera, with whom he played his first live performances and gave his first name among the Peoples Party. He wanted something better though, so in 2004 he started producing. Jeremy realized very quickly that producing is not simple. After several years on the drum machine, he ran the fingers of producing, and again devoted himself increasingly to hang up. A creative break with music presented by Mark Steven 2007 to 2010. He devoted himself to training and is now a proud father of a boy.

It was not until 2011, he began to hang up again, parties organized under the name "Crime Time" and dared again to produce their own tracks. After such a long break, it was easy for him to write new songs.

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