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Mark Rey

Barcelona, Province of Barcelona, Spain Tech House Techno Hardcore / Hard Techno

BOOKING INFO (Asphixia Group):


Catalan producer and DJ born in 1987, from little Mark is interested in electronic music for several of its aspects, in a few years and inspired by artists like Ben Sims, Umek, Cristian Varela Jeff Mills opted for techno as a musical style. In a short time ago adapted the techno lifestyle and not content with just DJing in 2010 he decided to produce his own tracks, technophile Old School techno devotee of his first productions based on tribal rhythms and strong bass, soon released his first EP for Polish labekl Soundwaves Records which would mark the beginning of his career as a producer.

Open-minded and under the premise "Renew or Die" Mark Rey is always ready to innovate and adapt musical and technologically to the current scene, offering something different to what the public is frequently used, it could define his style as Techno, Hardgroove Techno, Tech-House and Techno Dark, always depending on the place, the situation and his mood, you can define their sound as very modern with shades ranging from very current Tribal most avant-garde minimalism with touches of funky, groovy and disco. At its Mark combines many styles with a single thread, the musical quality. Sets high voltage 4-channel, abundant use of loops and effects, vigorous and eclectic mix well understood comprise the essence of this dj.

Mark Rey is currently in the Booking (For Spain) of the Barcelona collective "Asphixia Group" has shared the stage with names such as Ben Sims, Ken Ishii, Funk D'Void, Cristian Varela, Format B, Raul Mezcolanza, Marc Marzenit, etc. .., has played at some of the best venues in the country: Florida 135, Row 14 & ElRow, KGB Barcelona, La Cova, Torn de Nit, etc ... and has had some international performances in Andorra in the room "Ambit Club" and in Portugal at clubs "Subsolo" and "Massas Club" both in the city of Coimbra.

In addition Mark has considerable experience as a producer, after several years of hard work has more than one hundred of releases published in the top record labels and sold in the best digital stores corresponding to different genres but always with a very distinctive style it differs markedly from most producers.

Alongside Mark directs and manages three fully independent digital record labels: Groove Soldiers Records (Hardgroove Techno, Tribal, Funky, Hard), Alakran Records (Minimal, Techno, Tech-House, Techno Dark) and Farandula Records (House, Classic, Deep, Tech) to output many of his own works along with many other great artists of the scene.

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