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Marko Legra

Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain Tech House Deep House Techno

Marko Legrá takes over a decade dedicated to electronic music, producing Techno, Tech House and Deep House. His goal is the pursuit of the perfect fusion of sounds in elegant soundscapes without following established patterns of production, giving more importance to creativity and imagination. He performed live acts and DJ sets in many festivals and clubs sharing events with artsist like Dylan Drazen, Whebba, Francesco Farfa, Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, David Herrero, Victor Santana, Migel Bastida, Darkrow, Cuartero and a large etc., also is a co-founder of Magic Club in Lugo, Spain.

New Era Recordings, UK
Telepathy Digital, UK
Ambiosphere Records, UK
Shiva Records, UK
DEC Records, Spain
Tucana Records, Spain
Callote, Ukraine


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