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DJ Marco Leiva

Chile Tech House Techno

DJ / Producer Since 1994 Intelligent Southamerican Music,
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Born on June 22nd in 1980 in the city of Arica – Chile. He is the only child of two
Music teachers. He became a Dj in 1994 and a producer since 1999. He was known in the 90’s as Dj Masc, with his unique style, he combines the samplers, House and some 90’s classics, remixed in an electronic fashion, creating an atmosphere full of energy on the dance floor.

Marco has performed on the most important Latinamerican stages, playing in raves such as Open Laucho Beach 2004 in Arica and Love Parade Santiago de Chile. He was also invited to Love Parade Venezuela, which was suspended at the last minute.

In 2006 he starts the Southamerican Tour going through Bolivia and Brazil.
The same year he creates a remix for the singer Jorge Gonzalez (former leader of the chilean band “Los Prisioneros”) in his Project “the updates”. The single “Aviador” was several weeks on the top of chilean radio stations all over the country.

In 2009, along with Patricio Pizarro, he made a radio show called “IN SESSION” in the FM Plus Radio Station, 99.1 FM Stereo, Iquique – Chile.

In 2010, he runs the show “Arica electrónico” in the FM OK Radio Station, which is broadcasted in half of the country, scoring high levels of audience.

This same year, Marco works a remix for the “Euro Latin Beats Project”, releasing the first single of the “Aquí calienta el sol” Project, which became a hit immediately in American and Swedish radio stations, being among the top 100 sold singles on Juno. By the end of the year they release the single “this is your time”.
In 2011 they release the single “Alejandra” featuring “Rigo Fuego” from the Swedish duo Crossfire.

Now on beatport can you find "My Life" ... The Last single of DJ Marco Leiva

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