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Marco Gomes

Chill Out Breaks Electronica / Downtempo

The producer Marco Gomes started performing on stage in Pau at the beginning of the 2000's.
In 2006, he created the association Southnoise of which he is president and which aim is the promotion of electronic arts in all its forms. Since then, Southnoise has organized many parties and performances, particularly the « Rencontres Alternatives de Montardon ».

-The main purpose of the festival was to program several artistic forms such as dancing, music, photography, visual arts -painting, sculpture etc...- and to create a place to exchange and share ideas within the rich of everyone.
In 2008, influenced by the wave of minimal techno, he went into a partnership with Allan Duplouich to form the duet Phun[q]matic, a collaboration in-between live and dj set. Together they are very active on local stages -Bindy Club, Terasses de Beaumont- and Spanish stages -Electrosonic Festival in Burgos, Row 14 in Barcelona, The off festival of Benicasim, Itzela, Pagoa, Tunk in Irun etc.....

-In 2009, Marco Gomes produced several tracks and remixes which make him sign on several labels.

-The year 2010 marked a real transition in the artistic career of Marco Gomes. Influenced by the movements of ambient music and elecronica, he is now heading towards a music with deeper and more introspective atmospheres. Soon, he recorded his first album called Week, which he signed on the Parisian label Incursion Records. Week is composed of 7 tracks with heavy rythmics between electronica, dubstep and downtempo. After the success of the album, he decided to combine music with dancing and video and created the project Week in, Week out in September 2010, a 30 minute live performance. Since then he has had many collaborations with Sabaline Fournier, choregrapher of trans[en]danse company and played many productions on dance stages -Saint Louis theatre, Palais Beaumont etc....

-Today, by signing his latest productions on the Parisian label Lutetia Dubz Records, he carries on with his experimentation and reaches a happy balance between ambient, dubstep and electronica.

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