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Manuel Belgrano

Tandil, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina House Minimal Deep House Tech House +1
Manuel Belgrano belongs to the group of musicians developed in the new digital era, in which access to professional programs such as Ableton, Reason and Logic is easy and possible, as well as sharing and showing DJ sets and own tracks to the public in a global and massive way. Thanks to these factors, this young native of the city of Tandil, Buenos Aires; has achieved a great transcendence in recent times.

Since 2008, Manuel began his career as a DJ. Despite having at that time 16, he managed to get his first date with Mariano Trocca and Yanny Villar, two nationwide recognized DJ's, performing with them in the prestigious event "REKIEM!” Regardless of his young age, he has extensive experience, technical finesse and a great dance floor lecture, what makes him a vast label DJ. His sets are characterized for being dynamic, yet consistent and soulful, while respecting his distinctive groove. He has shared the stage with renowned DJ's (what states his quality as a DJ): Jorge Savoretti, Ronan Portela, Ariel Rodz, Alex Russo aka Urss, LondonGround, Dub Dummies, Mariano Trocca, Rodrigo Rivera, Yanny Villar, Margot, among others.

His role as producer took a considerable leap in 2010; during the same he achieved a more professional sound and a concept of his productions. In December of that year, his first two releases were released, one in the wellknown British label Kote Records (Chase Buch’s Label). In 2011, Manuel managed to exceed the expectations of many fans and colleagues, setting his own characteristic groove and style that led him to sign with labels like: i!Records, Alma Soul Music, Reisei Records, among others. This transcendental development as producer was reflected in his music sales, peaking at place No. 40 in the Deep House Top 100 of the famous digital store Beatport with his remix "Rusticana Deep Machine - Can You Feel It (Manuel Belgrano Remix)".
Most of the times, his releases are included on “Featured Releases” sections, what shows the quality of his work.

His mates describe his tracks as "groovy, fresh and deep". His music is played and supported by: Barem, Jorge Savoretti, Ronan Portela, Mihai Popoviciu, Ekkohaus, ONNO, Nil By Mouth, Deep Mariano, Format: B, UGLH, Evren Ulusoy, Junior Lopez, Cuartero, Jairo Catelo, Soul Minority, Daniel Sanchez, Alexis Cabrera, Horatio, Fer Ferrari, Roberto Palmero, LondonGround, Horatio, Lukas Greenberg, WestBoy, Dzeta N 'Basile, Dirty Culture, among others.

For 2012, Manuel has put emphasis on developing a more professional sound as well as bringing his personal style to a more “techy” one. This year, his first Vinyl release was published and sold out by the French label Hermine Records with remixes of Fabian Argomedo and Figueroa.
His first Tech House EP, includes a remix of the wellknown Argentinian Producer Ronan Portela. Was released by Basswalk Records during this year.

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