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Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA Dubstep Hip-Hop / R&B Drum & Bass +2



.... I'm 20 years old from Dallas, Texas. I've been messing with music since I was about 9 years old. I started with the guitar, and later learned other instruments like the drums, tuba, and the keys. During this time i was also rapping on-and-off with my friends, mainly during the numerous hours we skipped school. After eventually dropping out of high school I got a job in construction for a while, but I had known about a school called the Los Angeles Recording School that had i had been interested in throughout my high school years.
…. Eventually I hopped on a plane out to Hollywood, where i currently live, to start school and to start working on my music full-time. Finally I found the sound I had always imagined for my productions. I like to combine the styles and patterns of break beats with electronic samples and rhythms and melodies influenced by various musical icons like Beethoven, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and others like Slipknot, and Nine Inch Nails. I've been producing for about 2 years now. Within this time I've released almost 100 uploads online, and I've made over 600 beats (finished/unfinished).
…..Overall I just hope that people enjoy my music and understand my humor. I would like to one day be signed to a label that supports and respects my love/obsession for music.
.....I love all my listeners! You guys are the coolest people in the world to me <3 :D

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