Key Commands

Magnetix Project

Tech House Dubstep Chill Out Electro House +10

The Magnetix Project was established in 2008 , thanks to a lucy casual. There are 2 menber of the group Marcello & Maxx. They live live their life for the music. According to their style they are rich in favour because they make several type of music, such as jazz, house, minimal, chill-out, electronica, minimalism ....... They are planning to make music in the future in a lot of different type of style. The beginning was very but they did not give up. They got several assistance from inusa Dawuda and The Whiteliner as well as a few artist. Their dream is that became well known and make music for the audience who find good fun in these. If we follow the steps of the group we can diagnose they are good rode to make real their dream. We wish them good luck band sucess!!! "Thanks to everybody who like what we do and listen to our remixes and own songs as well as thanks to Inusa Dawuda San Trincha Records King of music records also :)

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