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Magneticx Deejay

In 1996 Umut Yapgu started his music career in the national radio. Created his own style taking ideas from ‟ House, Tech house and Techno ‟achieves. He also exhibited a high performance in the advance electronic clubs such as, 212, Cantina, Smoke, 2C, Mirror. After all that he improved his music career in House recipient.
He became a co-operator manager of Logic Events from 2009.
He kept continuing his personal projects under these circumstances and besides that he worked with an international organizations names such as, Johan Gielen, Mark Yousef, Alex Young, Robert Babicz, %100 Isis, Angelo D’Onorio, Dj Shewa, Matt Everson, Les Schmitz, Mariano Santos In the mean time Umut Yapgu has the honor and has written his name on history to be the only Turkish DJ in the world along with the other resident DJ' s such as Les Schmitz and Dj Dubby, he was the only Turkish DJ who had the chance to be able to play at the “ The Amnesia ” in ibiza one of the worlds most best clubs which has became a brand name along many clubs.

Magneticx Deejay Ft. I.Neptune - Divison (Original Mix) - Dioxide Recordings
Magneticx Deejay Ft. I.Neptune - Dude (Original Mix) - Dioxide Recordings
Magneticx Deejay Ft. I-Neptune - Magnet (Original Mix) - Dioxide Recordings
Magneticx Deejay - Desert Village (Original Mix) - Blisspoint Recordings
Magneticx Deejay - Be Free (Original Mix) - June8 Records
Magneticx Deejay - DifficultSituation (Original Mix) - (UNRELEASE)
Magneticx Deejay - Progression Minimale (Original Mix)

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