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Lisbon, Portugal House Electronica / Downtempo Deep House Tech House +1

MAGILLIAN is a Dj/Producer/Remixer & Label Manager that explores Electronic Dance Music on is different expressions, focused on high quality music, releasing on top labels such as Bush Records, Monique Musique, Go Deeva, Kult Records, Freshin, Family Grooves, Crossworld Records or in the Labels he runs with Mikalogic called "Hush Recordz, Musica Gourmet, Hush Recordz Limited". His music & Labels are supported by prestigious names like Ritchie Hawtin, Roger Sanchez, Noir, Hot Since 82, Steve Lawler, Marco Carola, Djuma Soundsystem, Pig & Dan, Dj Chus, Oxia, Tube & Berger, Alex Young, Dandi & Ugo, Djuma Soundsystem, Slam, G.Pal, Just Be (Bushwacka!), Anderson Noise, Paul Darey, Tube & Berger, Umek, The Advent just to name few.

From Deep House to Techno, his Technic, versatility and musical tastes led him to be invited to perform in Portugal biggest Venues and Events and to be invited to act in the World tour events of worldwide renowned clubs of Ibiza, such as “El Divino”, “Café Mambo” and Salvacion Ibiza presents Republik @ Space Ibiza. His work has been internationally recognized by being invited to perform in countries like South Africa (Durban), Germany (Berlin), Spain ( Barcelona @ OFF SONAR, Madrid, Tenerife & Benidorm), Belgium (Brussels), China (Hong Kong and Sengzhen) or Bahrain.

Magillian is also know for his former 7 years monthly night in Lisbon mythical “Op Art Café Club”, his 8 hours sets in “WeLoveLisbonAfterHours” mornings, as Dance TV & SENNHEISER Hd25 Official Dj and more recently for he’s musical productions, remixes and collaborations with artists like Mikalogic, Eri2, Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic, Agraba, Bardia F, Marxim Kurtys, Modern Talker, Mark Mansion, Linus K, Kollektiv Ost, Kult Of Krameria, Nuno Aqua,
Romeofoxtrott, Paul Hamilton, Philip Jo or No Government .

In 2012 he was invited to release is 1st Mixed Compilation on Crossworld Records called "Lisbon After Hours" and reached #88 on Juno Download Album Top Sales and Mikalogic´s remix for is Track "Login" on Crossworld Records reached #6 in Label sales chart on Beatport and has been licensed for the Album "Crossworlder Vol2: WMC 2012" that in just two days reached the 4th place at best-selling Deep House Albums on Juno Download. His collaboration with Nuno Aqua called "Liquid The Remixes" was 2012's best selling Hush Recordz track on Beatport and have reached the # 61 in the Top Sales on Juno Download and # 94 on

In 2013 release a collaboration with Mikalogic, Heston & Jeancy, called The Underground Brotherhood and reached 10th place in Djshop Deep House sales Chart and "Magillian - Night soldier The Remixes" reached #8 on DJTUNES Deep House Sales Chart, he also released his 2nd Mixed Compilation called "Magillian presents Hush Recordz Mixed, Unmixed & Remixed" which was scored by Dj Shop as a 100% Must Have.

In 2014 Magillian´s tracks and remixes in partnership with his studio partner ERI2 got the attention from the mythical labels MONIQUE MUSIQUE, BUSH RECORDS, FRESHIN, KULT RECORDS, BAROQUE and GAIN RECORDS and of course first Beatport Top 100 arrived with #29 on Minimal Top 100 with their remix of Philip Jo "My Lordy". All his 3 releases of Magillian Presents series: on Hush Recordz been featured on BEATPORT TOP100 RELEASES on genre and also "Magillian & Eri2 - Jesus Drunk Wine Ep (Family Grooves) been featured 2 tracks on Top10 and Reached #2 on Satellite EDM Tech-House Sales Chart, Magillian & Eri2 - Detroit on Our Mind Reached also #2 on HTFRD Detroit Top10 TRACKS.

The year of 2015 promises to be Magillian´s most successful year yet with his selector series on Hush Recordz "Magillian Presents a Journey of Essential Underground Weapons" reaching 36th on Beatport Top 100 Minimal releases. The 2nd Volume "Magillian Presents A Journey of Open Air Essential Weapons" reached 39th on Beatport Top 100 Minimal and 70th on Top 100 Indie Dance / Nu Disco Releases, the 3rd Volume "Magillian Presents a Journey of Afterhours Weapons" got placed 2nd on JUNODOWNLOAD TOP100 ALBUMS and 70 on Beatport Indie Dance/Nu Disco Chart and "Magillian Presents: Press Play & Play It Loud" reached 70th on Beatport Top 100 Minimal releases, It was also the release year of his new project in collaboration with Eri2, called Bass&Pads with releases already signed on Nite Grooves, King Street, Musica Gourmet, 9000 Audio just to name few.


Mixed Cds & Albums:

Magillian, Mikalogic
We Hush You Special Unmixed Dj Pack
Hush Recordz | 2013-11-22

Magillian & Mikalogic Presents Ade 2013 Weapons
Hush Recordz | 2013-10-07

Magillian Presents Hush Recordz Mixed, Unmixed & Remixed
Hush Recordz | 2013-01-28

Crossworlder Vol. 4 - Lisbon Afterhours Mixed By Magillian
Crossworld Records | 2012-07-28


Magillian - My Life Without Me Remixed
Hush Recordz | 2013-12-10

Magillian, Mikalogic Presents Musica Gourmet - Mannequin
Hush Recordz | 2013-10-07

Magillian - Lets Go Saca The Remixes
Hush Recordz | 2013-09-24

Magillian - Night Soldier The Remixes Vol.2
Hush Recordz | 2013-08-27

Magillian & Mikalogic Remixed
Hush Recordz | 2013-08-06

My Life Without Me
Magillian, Lazy Bug, Andre Lehmann
Hush Recordz | 2013-07-25

Breaking Rules Ep
Hush Recordz | 2013-05-27

Magillian - Night Soldier The Remixes Vol.1
Hush Recordz | 2013-03-20

Magillian, Mikalogic, Jeancy, Heston - The Underground Brotherhood EP
Hush Recordz | 2013-02-28

Magillian - Night Soldier Ep
Hush Recordz | 2013-01-10

Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Liquid - The Remixes
Hush Recordz | 2012-09-15

Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Op Art
Casa D'Costa | 2012-06-28

Magillian, Nuno Aqua, Mikalogic - Lisbon After Hours EP
Crossworld Records | 2011-11-28


Dj The Fox - Bring It Back - Magillian Remix
Hush Recordz | 2013-04-01

Paul Darey, Inaki Santos - Pepas - Magillian, Nuno Aqua Remix
Go Deeva Records | 2012-06-06

Agraba - Space Odyssey - Magillian, Nuno Aqua Remix
Crossworld Records | 2012-04-17

Mikalogic - Human Guide - Magillian, Nuno Aqua Remix
Hush Recordz | 2012-04-04


Magillian - Lets go Saca (Ranno Vollman Remix) Included on
Ibiza House After Season 2013 - Electro Superstar | 2013-10-25

Magillian - My Life Without Me (Lazy Bug Remix) Included on
Balearic House Lovers 4 -Baccara 2013-10-18

Magillian - Night Soldier (Victor Ash Remix) Included on
The History of Deep House 2013 - Hero In My Hood | 2013-09-20

Magillian - My Life Without Me Original Mix included on
Tech - House Hand Over Fist - Baccara | 2013-08-16

Magillian - Breaking Rules (Eri2 Remix)
Very Minimal-tech 2013 - Hero In My Hood | 2013-08-02

Magillian - Night Soldier (American Dj Remix) included on
Deep Symphony 2013 - Silver Screen Recordings | 2013-06-21

Magillian - Night Soldier (American Dj Remix) included on
We Love Ibiza 2013 - The Tunes Of The Island
Muenchen | 2013-06-14

Magillian - Night Soldier (American Dj Remix) included on
Deep & Deep - Worldwide Music - U.M.A. Music Awards | 2013-05-17

Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Liquid - Mikalogic Remix included on
We Are Hush Recordz Remixed | Hush Recordz | 2013-01-28

Paul Darey, Inaki Santos - Pepas - Magillian, Nuno Aqua Remix incl. on
Minimal Progressive, Vol. 02 | ARVA | 2012-10-19

Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Liquid Original Mix incl. on
We Are Hush Recordz | Hush Recordz | 2012-10-01

Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Reboot Original Mix incl. on
Crossworlder Vol. 4 - Lisbon Afterhours
Crossworld Records | 2012-07-28

Mikalogic - Human Guide - Magillian, Nuno Aqua Dub Remix incl. on
The Hush Recordz Lost Tapes | Hush Recordz | 2012-06-25

Mikalogic - Human Guide - Magillian, Nuno Aqua Dub Remix incl. on
I Love Tech Vol.04 Hero In My Hood | 2012-06-15

Mikalogic - Human Guide - Magillian, Nuno Aqua Dub Remix incl. on
Tech House Evolution | Tantrum Logo | 2012-04-28

Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Login Mikalogic Remix included on
Future Tech House Classics Vol 5 | LW Recordings | 2012-03-26

Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Login Mikalogic Remix included on
Crossworlder Vol. 2: WMC 2012 | Crossworld Records | 2012-02-04


MAGILLIAN, é um nome que dispensa apresentações na Dance Scene Lisboeta, do Deep House ao Techno, a sua versatilidade e gosto musical levaram-no a ser convidado a actuar em alguns dos melhores clubes/eventos nacionais e a partilhar a cabine com reconhecidos nomes da música electrónica mundial, como Adam Bayer, Andrea Bertolini, Beckers, D-Formation, D-Nox, David Herrero, Dj Vibe, Dub Taylor, Kaiserdisco, Funk D ́Void, Ian Oliver, Jim Masters, Joseph Capriati, Lutzenkirchen, Markus Lange, Mark Schulz, Mikalogic, Nicole Moudaber, Oliver Huntemann, Oxia, Paul Darey, Ramon Tapia, Sian, Tigerskinentre muitos outros.

Foi o primeiro Dj Português a ser convidado para actuar nos eventos da World Tour dos mundialmente conhecidos Clubes de Ibiza, El Divino, Café Mambo e Salvacion Ibiza presents Republik. O seu trabalho tem vindo a ser reconhecido internacionalmente ao ser convidado para actuar em países como a África do Sul (Durban), Espanha (Baleares, Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife), Bélgica (Bruxelas), China (Sengzhen e Hong Kong) ou Bahrein.

Magillian é tambêm reconhecido pelas suas noites mensaís no mitíco Clube Lisboeta Op Art Café e pelos seus sets de 6 horas nas manhãs WeAfterHours, ou ainda como metade da dupla Faceoffdjs, projecto que tinha em parceria com o veterano dj Nacional Luis Leite.

Em 2011 aceita os convites, da Dance Tv e da conceituada marca germanica Sennheiser para se tornar Dj Oficial das noites "Unstoppable Internacional" e da reconhecida Editora Britânica Crossworld Records. Em Novembro edita em parceria com Nuno Aqua, o seu 1º E.P. de nome "Lisbon After Hours" e atinge o 6º lugar no Top vendas da Editora no Beatport, e é convidado por Inaki Santos e Paul Darey (conceituado residente do maior Clube do mundo "SPACE IBIZA") para remisturar o seu tema "Pepas" para o CD de apresentação no MIAMI WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE da editora Italiana Go Deeva. Em Dezembro é a vez do conceituado artista nacional Mikalogic requisitar uma Remistura para o seu novo tema "Human Guide" que já foi licenciado para quatro compilações e vê a remistura de Mikalogic para o seu tema “Login” ser licenciado para o Album “Crossworlder Vol2: WMC 2012” que em apenas 2 dias atingiu o 4º lugar nos Albuns mais vendidos da categoria Deep House na Juno Download.

Em 2012 é convidado pela conceituada Editora Crossworld para misturar o CD "Lisbon After Hours mixed by Magillian" que atingiu o #88 no Top Vendas da Juno Download, aceita o convite de Mikalogic para gerir a Editora Hush Recordz, e rapidamente o seu excelente trabalho recebe o apoio de nomes lendários como Steve Lawler, Marco Carola, Dj Chus, Ritchie Hawtin, Oxia, Inaki Santos, Paul Darey, Phillipp Meoni, Jason Jollins, Tube & Berger, Luca M, Mario Ochoa, entre muitos outros. De destacar ainda o facto de o seu novo Ep em parceria com Nuno Aqua "Liquid The Remixes" ser o tema mais vendido em 2012 da Editora Hush Recordz e ter atingido o #61 no Top Vendas da Juno Download e #94 na DjShop.

O ano de 2013 está a ser o ano da afirmação internacional de Magillian, o seu Ep The Underground brotherhood em parceria com mikalogic, Heston & Jeancy atinge o #10 no top vendas da, o seu Ep Magillian - Night Soldier The Remixes Vol.1 o #8 no top vendas Deep House da DjTUNES e mistura o seu 2º Cd chamado Magillian presents Hush recordz, Mixed, Unmixed & remixed que receu nota maxima do maior site de venda de música online da alemanã "" que o considerou um 100% MUST HAVE.

Os novos lançamentos da Hush Recordz contam com uma mistura de novos talentos nacionais e Internacionais como Angel Stoxx, Alex Mine, DJ Raid aka Jeancy, Daniel Rich, Denis Filipovic, Chris Special aka Heston, Eri2, Kollektiv Ost, Kult Of Krameria, Keira, Lazy Bug, Marttina, Nuno Aqua, Paul Hamilton, Prune Flat, Roberto de Haro, Robert Garcia, Robin Virag ou Stereosoul e como não podia deixar de ser dos "Label Owners" Magillian & Mikalogic e em apenas 6 meses já têm o apoio de alguns dos maiores nomes mundiais como Steve Lawler, Marco Carola, Dj Chus, Ritchie Hawtin, Oxia, Inaki Santos, Paul Darey, Phillipp Meoni, Jason Jollins, Tube & Berger, Luca M ou Mario Ochoa.

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