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Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House Techno

dj independent since 1997. my first evening was difficult with my vinyl underground techno ... Favorite examples of artists' ben sims, ken ishii, jeff mills, juan atkin, Joey Beltram, dave clarke. While bars and clubs competed sounds more accessible. even when I could find my place in locations unusual or I could play my sets.
I started composing my own sounds from 2005 and found no label. until the day I was greeted in 2007 with the collective "THE Ziris" (Marseille).
as a partner in the side of zirio, and Ysis fainst ... have not shared our passion for music, our ideas and friendships thanks to the internet ...
I managed to sign my first EP in 2010 ...
then all comes together .... I sign on digital labels worldwide: Plastiqrecords, Midiliferecords, Elektekrecordings, inrecords, Manzarecords, Alienforcedigital, Basicavenue, Soundofjuan, xetechno and elektrokorp....
I continued my way out of passion for techno. ;)

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