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Sofia, Bulgaria Deep House Tech House Techno

Metodi Atanasov Chorbadjiiski a.k.a M.A.C is born on 15.11.1991 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. Since he was 14 years old he became interested in electronic music, which he first heard from a friend of his. One step at a time he started discovering computer programs that helped him create his own, or mix other music. Thanks to his parents, that gave him the needed expenses to buy the required equipment, he could get the needed start for his hobby(being a DJ).He was 15 years old when he first played his music in front of electronic music audience in club "Daisy", in Pazardzhik.He then started being invited by other clubs like
"Karamel","Lavazza","Cosmopolitan","Brialiantin","Zapa"\resident\ , Club Heaven Garden/Bar and Dinner/ and others.In 2011
he is invited to club "Cameo". In the beginning of 2012 he is invited in Pazardzhik's popular"Backstage" and after a few appearances he was made resident. He is often invited in "Extasy"\bizar\ . In the summer of 2012 he is invited by his frond to play his music at Sunny Beach's "Musai".Later in 2012 he is invited in Studentski grad's club "Ice". Time goes on as he perfects his skill and becomes better and better in entertaining people with his mixes of house styles in music.

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