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Ljubljana, Slovenia Techno

Passion,consistancy, boundless enthusiasm ,are just a few among many factors, that represents »LxS«(Damir Ademi),Slovenian based Techno Dj and Producer as a strong and experienced artist.
Influenced by many artists,that are now conquering the nowadays world of EDM,he is getting ready to take the next step in the world of Techno.
In the last 3 years,he was invited and been given a chance to represent his sound at many important clubs and festivals in Slovenia,and playing among the best artist in nowadays Techno scene.
Beeing able to control the crowd and to play his sets at an enviable level of technical skills,made him one of the strongest artists in slovenian non commercial Techno scene.
This year,he started hosting Techno nights in his home town Ljubljana (that is capital of Slovenia to be precise),so called »F***In Techno« .The main idea behind this concept, is to bring HQ artists around the globe to represent different colours of Techno .So far he has hosted names like The Advent,Marco Bailey and Cristian Varela.
As he likes to say: «Music is a reflection of my life,everything i create is what i am.«

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