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Luis Wire

Deep House Tech House House

Already with the age of 11 years a life started for Luis Wire, that was unthinkable without music. As a student of the famous jazz musician Leonard Ginceberg he learned not only to play the drums, congas and percussion instruments, but also understanding the passion for music for itself.
After 6 years of rock, jazz and sambarythms electronic music came more and more into the foreground for the young artist.
With a growing enthusiasm for the art of electronic music, the desire to share the passion with the masses in the clubs became bigger and bigger.
Then in the end of 2009 beginning 2010 he joined the eventlabel "Diamond Lounge" and gave his debut in the club "Auditorium"!
In the beginning mainly playing minimalistic and techy sounds Luis soon extended his horizon to other music genres such as deep house and vocal house..
Out of these genres Luis now builds up his own and unique sound: groovy deep house sounds spiced with funky house grooves increase over tech house to big room house and progressive tunes.
A mixture that has it all!
Thus, it is not surprising that the newcomer already shared the DJ booth with national and international DJs such as Avicii, Marc Faenger, Mauro Mondello, DJ Frizzo, Miro, Homeaffairs, DJ Vogue, Timbo, Looca, DenBoe, Marwin and Safado!

"[...] DJing is the purest form of what I do: sequencing records in a club, making people go crazy to tunes they don't know. Waiting for that special moment when you feel like it's effortless, like the records are almost playing themselves, and knowing that everyone of that moments - that combination of those people and that club and that night and that tune - will never be repeated, just as a surfer knows that each wave is unique. It's an addiction.[...]"


WUYE Club // Baoji, China
Club RAI // Nikopol, Ukraine
Jet7Bar // Mulhouse, France
Jet7Club // Mulhouse, France
Auditorium // Erkelenz, Germany
Spielplatz Club // Mönchengladbach, Germany
Projekt 42 // Mönchengladbach, Germany
Graefen Clubbing // Mönchengladbach, Germany

Collaborations (amongst others):

Marc Faenger
Mauro Mondello
DJ Frizzo
Knall & Bunt
DJ Vogue
DJ Shane
DJ Rock D


05.2010 - 09.2010
Residency Spielplatz Club // Mönchengladbach, Germany

11.2012 - 01.2011
Residency Club Rai // Nikopol, Ukraine

07.2011 - 09.2011
Residency WUYE Club // Baoji, China

10.2011 - 12.2011
Residency Jet7Bar // Mulhouse, France

-17.04.2010 Auditorium Erkelenz
Diamondlounge meets de la creme, grand opening

-30.04.2010 Spielplatz-Club
Tanz in den Mai by Diamondlounge

-29.05.2010 Auditorium Erkelenz
Diamondlounge feat. Frizzo (Nachtresidenz, Ufer 8)!

-05.06.2010 Kolpinghaus MG
STARS grand opening by Diamondlounge

-26.06.2010 Spielplatz-Club
Housenummer 1

-17.07.2010 Auditorium Erkelenz
2 Jahre Diamondlounge

21.08.2010 Auditorium Erkelenz
Electrisize with AVICII

04.09.2010 Auditorium Erkelenz
Diamondlounge feat. HOMEAFFAIRS (Hed Kandi/Kontor Rec)

08.01.2011 Auditorium Erkelenz
Diamondlounge feat. Marc Faenger

27.01.2012 Projekt 42 Mönchengladbach

03.02.2012 Auditorium Erkelenz
Miami Pop with Timbo and friends

30.03.2012 Graefen Clubbing
Knall & Bunt at House Mafia

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