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Luis Lamborghini

Vyškov, Czech Republic Deep House Tech House Techno Progressive House

::..BIO ENG..::
Luis Lamborgini, known rather as DJ Luis, is the promoter, dj, producer and owner of Naked records label. His priority has always been to give the audience the highest quality music selection. That´s the reason why he founded the label mentioned – to carry out his plans.His music production beginnings (more likely experimetal at that time) are dated back to 1990. He has managed to release over 10 his own albums and more than 20 EP's during his producent activity and he has changed different music procedures on different platforms. Luis is also success remix contest producer and he has managed more than 10 remix contest for big stars like Carl Cox, Nick Curly, Beltek, Monika kruse or Christian Smith.

He has been actively related to electronic music all the time and in addition to production he has been devoted to Djing over 18 years.He is also many years producer and "Big Head" in Naked Records label.


* Solvina
* Bastards from South
* Synthetic Harmony
* Progresivoice
* Sexy Bonbons

V/A – Void Funk REMIXES (Montec Records)
Crayzzeeeman – Goddess EP (Isis Recordings)
Luis Lamborghini – Symbian EP (Isis Recordings)
Luis Lamborghini – Melancholic EP (Naked Records)
V/A – Christmas Sampler (Naked Records)
V/A – Be Above (Naked Records)
Bastards From South – Atack With Gauzy Marbles (Naked Records)
V/A – Overlook EP (Naked Records)
Spiriakos – Monopoly Rice REMIXES (Naked Records)
Crayzzeeeman – Bone Reconstructor (Naked Records)
V/A – Sampler vol.2 (Isis Recordings)
Crayzzeeeman – Electronic Assassin (Isis Recordings)
Bastards From South – Back to Rous (Unaffected Records)
V/A – Our Gang vol.2 (Unaffected Records)
V/A – Sampler vol.3 (Isis Recordings)
Solvina – Let me Speak EP (Isis Recordings)
Jozef Mihalik – Pedagog REMIXES (Naked Records)
Solvina – Robots EP (Isis Recordings)
V/A – March Sampler (Naked Records)
Luis Lamborghini - New Beginning EP (Naked Records)
V/A - 30 (Naked Records)
V/A - 40 (Naked Records)
Dualtec - Mokum (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Christian Smith - Indecent Exposure (Luis Lamborghini Beatport remix contest)
Dapayk & Padberg - Fluffy Cloud (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Cazler - Dubz & Bubz (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Spieldose - Man Down (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Beltek - Party Voice (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
LoFish - I Come Loudly (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
M.In feat. Chriss Vogt - A Matter Of Taste (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Carl Cox - The Player (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Yoikol - Los Habladores (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Orkus AKA Eddy Roar - Night at City (Luis Lamborghini remix) (Undertechnical Recordings)
Oxia - Harmony (Luis Lamborghini Beatport remix contest)
Alex Niggemann - Dont Wait (Luis Lamborghini remix contest)
Luis Lamborghini - Summer Feelings EP(Naked Records)
V/A - 50 (Naked Records)
Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii - Taiyo (Luis Lamborghini Beatport remix contest)
James Londt - State of the Soul (VL Records)
V/A - Gold 100 (VL Records)
Luis Lamborghini & Ian Kita - Road To Nowhere (Naked Records)
James Londt - Mirabilia (Naked Records)
V/A - Grooving & Moving EP (Lupara Records)
V/A - Ibiza Summer 2013 (Lupara Records)

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