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Ludvik Nehring

Bielefeld, Germany Techno House Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House

Ludvik Nehrig is a dj/producer from Bielefeld/Germany. He lives since 11 years in Bielefeld, Germany, cause of the "exciting House/Techno Scene in this expanding city" (kidding).

He discovered his electronic music passion just for fun, because living in Bielefeld is really boring without having interests and because it is Bielefeld indeed. He started in the djing on the beginning of 2001 as a Rock DJ. Later he was influenced by Hip Hop an step by step he was facinated by soundscapes, atmosphere and dope beats of deep haouse and dub techno.

In 2011 he began djing Techno and House and later he started only for fun with production. His works are trials, so try and comment! In the beginning Ludvik desided to use an alter ego (koeter), but later he thought his real name would be a better choice. He moved to Bielefed in 2000 because of a relationship. He really enjoys the German scene, but he would like to have more than just music. Ludvik prefers a style of life that is more than jaust dancing an waiting for some cosmic energy. He would like to conect people, learn and discuss about ideas in living, music and so on. So please contact him if you feel and think in a near way.

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