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LowKiss is one of Australia's most talented DJ/Producers in today's house music scene. With an impressive string of successes under his belt, including numerous remixes and originals appearing in the top 5 UK club chart, Number 1 on the djtunes top 100 , Aria club chart's top 5 and Beatport Top 10, there is no doubt that LowKiss has the ability to produce tunes that appeal to lovers of house, progressive, elecro and Tech music around the globe.

LowKiss' works include a portfolio under the name of Base Cartel which includes remixes of Dirty South & Paul Harris (Better Day), J Nitti feat. Shirley Davis (Xplode), TV Rock (Been a Long Time), Funkerman (Speed Up) and D Ramirez and Dirty South (Shield), to name but a few.

LowKiss has also mixed the Rush CD alongside Mr Timothy and has remixed for J Nitti and Soldiers of Fortune, all under the esteemed Vinyl Pusher label. He has also remixed for standouts such as Mobin Master and Rowan P & Nino Live under Mobin's own Safari Music label. Let's not forget about the LowKiss & Numode mammoth, worldwide dance floor anthem for the Sony/ OneLove/ SuperStar label, Everybody's Free by Rozalla.

More recent works accredited to LowKiss' production efforts include Hey Cutie and Monster, achieving a great deal of international airplay, as has Heartbeat having been picked by none other than Carl Cox in the Ibiza club scene.

2012 LowKiss Production

Superhouse - LowKiss vs Ryan Riback
(Safari Music)

Work Money Party Bitches - LowKiss Vs Ryan Riback
(Safari Music)

Dont Stop Believing - LowKiss Vs Broz Rodriguez
(Safari Music)

We Can Make It Through - Stark Lion - LowKiss Mix
(Shabang Records)

2011 LowKiss Production

Monster - LowKiss
(Safari Music)

Free - Blackdogs & Mobin Master - LowKiss Mix
(Safari Music)

Yeke Yeke - Mory Kante vs LoveRush UK - LowKiss Mix
(Central Station Records)

Jean Claude Ades & Sam Obernik - LowKiss Mix
(Ego Music)

In My House - Mobin Master - LowKiss & Ryan Riback Mix
(Safari Music)

Kids These Days - Ryan Riback & John Baptiste - LowKiss Mix
(Suck Music)

Time Goes On - Steven Lee ft Carol C - LowKiss & Ryan Riback Mix
(Ego Music)

Muciacio - Nu Moods - LowKiss Mix
(Ego Music)

2010 LowKiss Production

Get Lucky - Mobin Master feat Nessa Cali - LowKiss Mix
(Tinted Records / Safari Music)

Ain't No Love - Sub Sub - LowKiss Mix
(Boo Records)

I See Girls - Studio B - LowKiss 2010 Mix
(Ministry Of Sound / Vinyl Pusher)

Hey Cutie - LowKiss & Morgan Belbruno
(Safari Music)

Feel The Rush - Mobin Master - LowKiss Mix
(Safari Music)

Gimme Your Love - FIO - LowKiss Mix
(Hero Music)

Saxy Disco - Rowan P & Nino Live - LowKiss Mix
(Safari Music)

Shine - Blackgold - LowKiss Mix
(RedBull Records)

Joyce Sims - lifetime love - LowKiss Mix
(Loverush Digital)

Midnight Circus - Nino Live & Rowan P - LowKiss Mix
(Midnight Music/Central Station )

2009 LowKiss Production

Heartbeat - LowKiss and J Nitti
(BUSH Records )

Love - LowKiss
(Vinyl Pusher Records)

Hypnotize Me - LowKiss
(Vinyl Pusher Records )

Sleep @ Night - LowKiss feat. Sarah C
(Vinyl Pusher Records )

No More Comin' Down - J Nitti - LowKiss Mix
(Unlimited Sounds)

Everybody's Free - Rozalla - Numode vs LowKiss Mix (Sony/OneLove/SuperStar)

On My Way - DJ Orzi - LowKiss Mix
(Vinyl Pusher Records)

Body & Soul - J Nitti - LowKiss Mix
(Vinyl Pusher Records)

Deep Down 2009 - J Nitti - LowKiss Mix
(Vinyl Pusher Records)

Making Me High - Soldiers of Fortune - LowKiss Mix
(Vinyl Pusher Records)

Come As You Are - DJ Kcb - LowKiss Mix
(Universal Records)

Teardrop - Eleze - Numode & LowKiss Mix

Just Like - ZRK - LowKiss Mix
(Vinyl Pusher Records)

Hello - Juxtaposition - LowKiss Mix
(Vinyl Pusher Records)

Coma - Jacob Butler Project - LowKiss Kraft Mix and LowKiss Club Mix

You've Been Made - LowKiss Feat Shirley Davis
(still Shopping)

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