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Simone Bortolato (born in 1988) aka LOSO is an Italian Techno Producer.

From a young age, he shows passion for heavy sounds. At 12, influenced by his older sister, he starts listening to hardcore from Rotterdam.
Going clubbing, his passion grows stronger up until the age of 17, when he buys his first CDJ and starts creating powerful sets for friends and becoming known on SoundCloud.

In 2011, the will for change takes him to enrol at the SAE Institute and
In only 6 months, he releases for the following labels: Dark & Sonorous Recordings, Black Reel Records, Triskel-Tech Recordings, Shout Records, Bass Assault Records, Tekx Records, K:Lender Limited and more...

Now the desire to grow and a passion for techno music, led him to create his own label: RAWHARD AUDIO Records and in 2013, he performs on the console: CLUB FINCA in Stuttgart, in HALLO-JAPAN Label Night with Mike Wall, and DUDE Club in Milan, flanked by big Luke Slater!
In addition to other nights!

Continuous research leads him to consolidate his own style, powerful, industrial, very rhythmic!
Still in 2013, it begins to release for major labels, including FREITAG LIMITED, and 2014 will be the year of change.
New releases are already scheduled on the most traded Techno labels!

Stay tuned TECHNO!

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