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Washington, DC, USA Electro House Progressive House

[Phethouse Records]

Electronic Dance Music Artist LJ MTX has recently taken America and the rest of the world by storm with not only great music, but with lots and lots of hair product. Rather than drop names of all of his A-List DJ supporters, overuse adjectives such as massive and epic, and over use cheeky phrases to create the illusion that he is bigger than he really is, it is best to acknowledge the fact that DC's Favorite Electro Artist's Hair is unmatched in the world of EDM. It is a documented fact that LJ MTX's Hair is the first of it's kind to establish its own social media following. That being said, why does DJ Mag refuse to include a “Best Hair” category in its annual Top 100? We may never know the answer, but what will stand the test of time is the legacy that LJ MTX’s Hair leaves behind. People of all kinds will travel from all over the world without knowing how or why, just to buy a ticket to see the new face…and Hair of EDM. People will come, oh yes. "If you style it they will come," the ominous voice in the sky said. "LJ MTX's Hair is my favorite DJ," their t-shirts read, and although this tender-hearted cat person & lover of all animals claims that there is more to life than really really ridiculously good looking hair, we all know he is just being modest. Become part of #TeamMTX and follow #DatHair!

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