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Saratoga Springs, NY, USA DJ Tools Dubstep Drum & Bass

Since the late 1990's after picking up his first set of turntables $@LT has constantly been working towards the dream. That dream: to be world reknowned in the EDM DJ world. With "over the top" mix preparation and scratch technicality rivaled by no one, $@LT is without a doubt looking to, well what else Pinky? To try and take over the world! Focusing now on being the most technical and surprising act at any event, its not hard to catch $@LT backstage hob-nobbing with today's best making even more plans for his already bright future. Be it mind blowing scratch, well crafted mixes or flat out charisma $@LT has become the foremost authority on turntablism in the 518. With multiple projects constantly underway at any given moment, the world can expect nothing less from $@LT than "on-point" performances, strong musicianship, innovation and involvement.

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