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Colombia DJ Tools Reggae / Dancehall / Dub Hip-Hop / R&B Funk / Soul / Disco +2

Dj / Selector Reggae for the scene in Colombia, handles an original style, a unique connection that has been discovered in his short career as a DJ, Humble Ghetto person raised in a small town in south-western edge of the capital .

Had personal experiences to the highest which the roots to be a Rastaman, always carrying the message and expanding the music to all corners of the world.

In his career he has had the pleasure and blessing of becoming known in Great Pallets recognized Bogotá very true when talking about a party or Black reggae music and also sharing with the great artists of national and international scene. From its inception to work with a disc jockey upscale with enough time in the reggae theme in Colombia "Prince Maurice" Who in his career and has toured several concerts with great artists, is one of the most representative Disc-jockey the scene in Bogota.

Now working on several projects towards Afro expand and cultivate truly people with cultural and musical roots, carries out small sections of music which combines Reggae Style Dancehall Jamaica and Panama-conscious music.

It has a strong tendency to Passa Passa Dancehall, creating a different version of authenticity and style when you play ...

Thank's Bless Ap! Ma People!!!

Dj Li- Hall S.

Dance Hall
Reggae In Spanish ®
Passa Passa

*Disc-Jockey Li- Hall Selecktah*
(DJ / Selector / Producer / Audiovisual / Turntablism)

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