Key Commands

Life Is Suite

New York, NY, USA DJ Tools Electro House Electronica / Downtempo House +7

Life is Suite is a DJ trio consisting of three long-time friends K.O. , J. Vatican, and J.Granobles. J.Vatican & J.Granobles being the group’s producers and K.O. being the one with creative insights, the trio took notice that they each shared similar interests in music and DJing. Inspired by such DJ’s as Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and Tiesto; the trio each shared the opinion that a strong DJ must also be a strong producer. K.O. already having experience as a DJ working in house parties and lounges across New York City, and J.Granobles & J.Vatican having produced music for various artists, the trio felt that each complemented the other in creating a sound unique to the genre of House music. The name Life is Suite derives from the group’s philosophy of assuring they provide a memorable feel-good atmosphere for their audience at all times. The Life is Suite sound provides an electric blend of House with elements of other genres such Hip Hop, Dub Step, and various forms of Latin music.

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