Key Commands

Les Limaces

Electro House Progressive House Techno

You could wonder why they are called « Les Limaces » (The Slugs). Because other people had already chosen the name « The Beatles », of course!

Follow the sticky track of two slugs who, after, dragging themselves along dancefloors, ended up getting together: Benoit Carreau is a musician of many parts, particularly good at playing piano and drums ; Alex Caron is a self-taught computer specialist as well as a famous Montreal-based Dj. In 2008, after a studio jam, they eventually decided to follow one and only path: Les Limaces were born!

Both our specimens' talent is quickly rewarded: they finished second in a Canadian competition organised by Roland synthesizer company in 2009. In 2010 Les Limaces won the remix competition of Donso with Comet records label from Paris. They kept composing and released their first album « Slurp » in October 2010 with Tasty Bytes Records Label.

Les Limaces sound groovy and melodious at the same time. With their four tentacles, they superimpose heavy jumping bass notes and twisted layers, creating this way dancing and narrative tracks.

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