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Tampa, FL, USA Tech House Techno House Electro House +2

So they say the best way to write a BIO is to have like 2 to 3 paragraphs and make it eye catchy and marketable and do this and that well……I don’t know how to do those things, I mean I know how to write and read and if must sell but I do it by mouth…..SO! I SUPPOSE I should just talk and put up on here who and what I am and yes I am from earth and much time as I don’t spend on it. So My name Is “Mike aka Legend” I am 28 I got started in all this when I was 17 started getting into dance music when I was 15 so that means 15.16.17…..13 years I’ve been at this ideal of the word or maybe understanding of the ideal “DJ” I am a House music guy….yes I know HOUSE? REALLY?......but don’t knock it before you try it kinda thing…so moving along……

My 1st club I ever got to go to was Notorious Tampa Bay Amphitheater in Tampa Bay like what in 06 ? My and then it was club life from there, then some friends decided that we should skip school and go to this festival the same year down south in Miami… and days its called Ultra Music Festival……so interesting how it has evolved lol moving along and then that same year at a summer field party in Lutz or wait in Brandon……YEAH…that place…abandon carnival ride grounds….I met the players in the game of the Tampa Bay Dance Scene. Over the years I have worked with multiple families, such as Tampa Electronic Crew, Controlled Chaos, OCP Productions, Tampa House Music..., Fusion, Baker Acterd, Edm Orlando, Euphoria Project, Alliance, Local Traffic and much more……”Yeah….I get around….”

So influences huh ? Well! I started out in (Fidget House) and worked my way up from there to well Electro, Big Bass, Rave, Progressive House, IDM, Drum and Bass, Minimal , Tech House and breaks. As far as artists that I am into are well here maybe some of them may ring a bell Chemical Brothers, AfroBeta, Gnarl's Barkley,RITM,BT,Danny Howels, James, Holden,Muse, Stanton Warriors, D.Rameriz,Tocadisco,Calvertron, Dj WoNk,RobbG,Sporty-O, James Holden, Dj Fresh, Alex Kidd, Bass Kleph, Cirez D, Chuckie As far as production……..I can say I have this and that in the works or….I get to it and you can see what it is that makes me …me …..Thank you for stopping on in…

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