Key Commands

Lee Reynolds

Electronica / Downtempo Deep House Tech House Chill Out +3

Originally from England, Lee Reynolds moved to California in 1988 to further his career as a pro BMX ramp rider. After numerous injuries he switched his focus from one pair of wheels to another, and started DJing around 1992, quickly beginning to throw parties in the San Diego area, and focusing on the ambient and psychedelic sounds of the time.. an influence that will always remain.
Not content with just chillin' out the newly dubbed 'Dr.Indulgent' began to explore the more leftfield areas of dance music, collecting weird records on frequent trips back to London, playing gigs up and down the West Coast, and appearing on early internet radio shows such as Groovetech.
Fast forward to 2012 and Lee is heavily involved in the SD underground tech/house movement, co-hosting the popular Moonshake and SpaceDown parties, often playing south of the border, and making a name for himself in the desert party scene.
With 20 years of experience under his belt Lee has never had more fun DJing, and it comes across on the dancefloor!

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