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Lee Oo.

Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico Breaks Techno House Deep House +3

Architect & artist by profession, melomaniac soul; Lee Oo is a Mexican DJ that has been walking the underground music scene for almost 15 years by now. Rumors & whispers of magical sets surround his reputation alongside blurry memories of house & techno party scenes. Focusing his efforts on the central Mexican territory Lee Oo has played in numerous electronic bars like Fonica, Gracias a Dios, Versalles 52, Tai, Sirilo to name a few.

It is safe to say when it comes to raving Lee Oo wants to stay on the shady side of music & bring you on a journey inside his deep, dubby & psychedelic mind. Where can he be found? At the moment no one knows for sure but he has been spotted playing both warm ups & alongside the likes of Sordo, Xavier Fux, Hector, Nick Curly, La Royale, Damian Romero, Centavrvs, Zeque, The Wookies, The Black Jesus, Mr Jules, Portugal The Man (yes apparently they are DJs now) & his known acquaintances Linus V, Erick TC, Piti & Mario, Jorge R, D:haro & Mikey Hernandez.

Also famous for his podcasts which hold a special place on the heart of the raving spirits that have followed him through the passage of time, it's appropriate to say late 2014 will see new ideas come to light as he has let some demos of his new offbeat podcast series called Things Got Weird fall into the hands of his closest friends & let us say you are in for a treat.

To be continued.....

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